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.: Dracon Code 4 Food - Web Scripting & IT Support Services :.
   The Dracon Code4Food project is a special service from our team of IT professionals to assist you with your internet and computer related problems and needs. Doesn't matter what is your operating system or hardware setup, if you only need a small hint for your new application or you are trying to install a new system, we provide a wide range of IT skills and knowledge, from technical support to project management and software development.

We effectively provide services similar to commercial SME IT Support companies with two main differences:
1. (con) We are not available for you 24/7 nor we provide support over the phone
2. (pro) Because we do it for fun we charge you peanuts (code 4 food)

For an overview about offered services please read below.

   :: Web Scripting ::
   Have you got a small glitch or a problem on your website you can't or don't have time to fix? Are you trying to modify a script but you lack the knowledge or experience? Would you like to install an open-source library or application but you are not sure what have you done wrong and you are still getting weird errors? Or you just can't be bothered with geeky details and want to jump straight to the point?

   Our team of experts have an extensive in-depth knowledge of the most popular scripting languages (and more): HTML, PHP, ASP, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, VBScript, ActionScript, CSS, XML, Tcl, Perl, Python and more.

   :: Web Design ::
   Confused by all those complicated tools in Photopaint? Unable to replicate the desired special effect in Photoshop? Don't know where exactly to put your shapes in Flash to make them move? Can't locate the lighting problem when rendering in Maya? Would like to convert your Corel drawing into the latest AutoCAD?

   We own and work with many different designer tools: Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDraw Suite, Macromedia Studio, Autodesk applications and many more.

   :: Software Support ::
   Wasting time manually copying Excel tables instead of having a fancy macro? Don't know how to set up your Outlook to share a calendar with your colleagues? Is Word driving you mad? Trying out a new application but confused by too many overly sophisticated settings? Would like to make a copy of your DVD but it's too big? Is your new antivirus blocking you from playing a game?

   Anything from software recommendation through installation and settings optimization to live examples of how to use the new application. We usually use a free remote management tool Crossloop which works on all versions of Windows and gets even through firewalls and routers. It is simple to use and install, requires invitation and a special code, so you don't have to worry about being exposed. For other operating systems we can recommend a multi-platform RealVNC server for Unix, Linux, OSX and Windows. Or the good old SSH available on all *nix systems.

   :: General Support ::
   While we can't really fix your hardware problem we can tweak and update your drivers, install and set up web, ftp, mail, file, VPN or any other servers for you, remove your viruses and spyware, recommend and set up the best antivirus solution, clean up your system from garbage, recover deleted data, backup and teach you how to back up your crucial digital information, give you an advice about your future upgrade purchase, implementing new software solution, speed up your network experience, set up your internet router for your web cam, update your web control panel and many many more.

   We are experienced in supporting all major operating systems from Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows CE, Mac OS X, Linux Debian, RedHat, FedoraCore, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Mandriva, Gentoo, SUSE, PCLinuxOS, CentOS, Knoppix, FreeBSD and others.

Dracon Team

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