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.: Dracon AJAX Web Poll - Your own poll on your website, no registrations, fully customizable :.
   Swift and simple ajax poll widget for your website. Stop using other servers for what you can fully control yourself! Engage with your community quickly and effectively. No programming language knowledge required. Entirely free for unlimited use as long as you keep the backlink or if you want a fancy certificate and no backlinks you can obtain a single domain license for $10.

Brand New Poll
with old design
  • Erm, yeah, what's the diff?
  • I'm pleasantly surprised!
  • I couldn't care less..
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This is the second poll
  • I can see that..
  • Second? Wow!
  • Amazing, right..
Zen poll
  • I give it 1 point
  • I give it 2 points
  • I give it 3 points
  • I give it nothing
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Thank you!
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  • Download and unzip into your ajax poll folder.
  • Open in your browser.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Multiple ajax polls on one webpage.
  • Unlimited free polls with unlimited options and votes per poll.
  • Fully customizable skin, editable via CSS.
  • Multiple choices.
  • 4 sleek effects with speed option.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Block repeated votes by IP and time (on this page set to 1 hour).
  • MySQL support - using XML files can be quite heavy on the server if you have many visitors.
   Planned Features:
  • Initial (fake) votes.
  • Blue clouds skin.
  • Drag&drop options ordering.
   Latest Demo:

Latest Version: Dracon AJAX Poll 1.6
Released: 2nd September 2012
Download: Dracon_Poll_1.6.zip
Changelog: Here
Commercial licence: $10 / domain

   Dracon Poll is a FREE* small, user friendly, easy to use, easy to install and integrate voting script with a simple but powerful and intuitive control panel. It's fully skinnable, supports multiple choices and doesn't require any special settings on the server. The only requirement is PHP v4.3+

   Being actively developed, should you experience any technical problems or bugs please report them on the dracon forum and expect a relevant fix very soon. Also if you have a feature suggestion or require a special modification you might get lucky there, just give it a try.

   FREE if you keep the backlink on the poll or if you want to remove any visible connection with our website you can purchase a domain license for $10 where you are free to modify the code and remove all credits according to the dracon poll license.

Would you like to post comments here?
  • It's all I am waiting for!
  • Comments here? No way!
Just a basic poll
  • True, very basic.
  • Exactly what I need!
Have you seen the password generator yet?
  • I am using it every day
  • No, where is it?
  • I don't need it
Tiny Poll
  • Red? Nice!
  • Ugly!!


   To keep your old database use the new 'upgrade database' button on the database installation screen. This will modify your current database without touching any existing data, but make sure you create a backup before proceeding, should something go wrong.

   If you wish to add a new line to the poll or option title use the <br/> html tag. For multiline poll titles there is an option tickbox in the admin panel - this one changes padding from the top as set in the chosen skin CSS file.

   You can edit the XML files manually, although it is not recommended unless you know exactly what you're doing, please use the admin control panel instead. It can be accessed via http://www.yourdomain.com/poll/admin/

   Polls can be displayed anywhere in your page, they are written in XHTML 1.1 so if you experience any discrepancies with the test page http://www.yourdomain.com/poll/test.php you will have to adjust the poll skin or your own website. Several polls can be seamlessly integrated within your webpage by defining $pollId and including index.php of the poll's root folder.

Example: <div><?php $pollId = 1; include '/path/to/poll/index.php'; ></div>

Or in an IFRAME: <iframe src="poll/iframe.php?pollId=1" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="300" height="300"></iframe>

   XML data file is the quickest and easiest way of usage - you can simply copy the files to your server, run the installation script and have your very own poll up and running within 2 minutes without registration. Please be advised that XML file is not a reliable solution for a heavy traffic website due to php file locking mechanism.

   MySQL support is also available and is highly recommended, you can select it during installation or if you change your mind later on you can set it up in the MySQL section in your config file. The clean SQL import file can be found in the data folder called database.sql.

Dracon Team

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